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 Previously at Mannequin...

Mannequin was created in January 2010 to bring fashion, beauty, arts and lifestyle news to both clued-up fashionistas and those with just a passing interest in the latest trends.
Started by aspiring writer Josie Marie on blogging platform Tumblr in 2010, Mannequin strives to reflect the tastes, desires and aspirations of its readers, without telling them what they should and shouldn’t be doing. Mannequin then moved to Blogger in 2011 with a new domain.
Mannequin brings together the latest fashion news and trends, packages it all up and gives it to its audience, who can bite off as much or as little as they like.

Reader contributions, suggestions and feedback are crucial to Mannequin’s success and the mailbox doors are always open. 

Occasionally, Mannequin may post on behalf of brands using a sponsored post. This means that the brand has contacted Mannequin requesting a post on the blog in exchange for funds or products. The fact that the brand has requested this does not mean that the opinion in the post has been swayed. Everything written on Mannequin is at Josie's discretion and will always be honest and true to the blog's identity. Sponsored posts will always feature a disclaimer.

Josie Marie is an aspiring model, blogger, journalist and dedicated follower of fashion. Brought up and based in Yorkshire, she regularly travels to London to meet, interview and observe those in the very heart of the capital’s fashion hub. Don’t be fooled by the broad accent – this girl really knows what she’s talking about.

Words by Teddy Holmes
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