Tuesday, 3 October 2017

The Body Shop Is Back!

The day I have been waiting for has finally arrived! September saw the long awaited takeover of The Body Shop by Brazillian cosmetics giant Natura, a company who has a completely cruelty free stance. The corporation reportedly paid 1 billion euros for the chain which currently operates in 66 countries. 
Cruelty free bloggers were delighted when the news broke in June this year, with the completion taking place in the first few weeks of September. The company was previously parented by L'Oreal, who have always been at the centre of controversy as one of the world's largest animal testers. The Body Shop always retained their cruelty free stance however, but I chose not to buy from them as I did not want to see any of my money going to L'Oreal. This is an ongoing discussion in the cruelty free blog world, so feel free to comment below with your opinions.
In light of the news I took a trip to my local store today to see what I'd been missing since I boycotted the store at the beginning of my cruelty free switch. I can happily say I was pleasantly surprised! The brand has retained it's core values in terms of product and packaging, it was nice to see some old favourites (the bar soaps and body butters!) and some new additions (the cosmetics line has grown massively) for me to try out too. 

I got chatting to the lovely girls behind the counter about the takeover and they seemed delighted at the news. They were really pleased that I was returning to the store and encouraged me to tell all of my friends too, so here I am! 
Natura have vowed to keep the companys founder, the late Anita Roddick's vision alive with their path for The Body Shop. They have insisted that they will be focusing on activism once again, dealing with sustainability issues and community trade. 
I'm so excited to be able to say that I am a Body Shop customer once again.
I'm even more excited to let you know about their current SPEND £50 GET £25 OFF deal currently on the website. I have taken full advantage of this already so I'll be posting what I think of the products when they arrive! Use code 19806 at checkout. Includes free delivery.

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