Thursday, 24 October 2013

Sk:n Clinics Laser Hair Removal

Sk:n was recently brought to my attention when I found a very enticing email titled 'Laser Hair Removal.' Now for someone who has naturally dark hair, and a lot of it I might add, this ultimately got me excited.
When I found out about the treatments they offered, I was really impressed by the variety of ways that they promise to make you feel good about yourself. Sk:n don't just focus on laser hair treatment, they have a plethora of treatments just ready to be performed by one of their many dedicated medical staff. Just some of which include:
  • Acne scar removal
  • Birthmark removal
  • Dermatology
  • Laser Tattoo removal
  • Mole Removal 
  • Skin tightening procedures

    I have to say I'm currently still a cosmetic treatment virgin, and although I'm all up for having one of these procedures done, I'm still yet to actually follow through with it!
    I've seen some of the results on the website and they are mindblowing! The best thing is, they won't cost you an arm and a leg. Laser hair removal, for example, starts at just £39. I think if I were to go ahead with something like this, I would definitely choose something like permanent laser hair removal. It would make my life so much easier!

    That's not all, the clinic can even provide you with their touch on your beloved skincare with their own range here.

    If you've ever considered undergoing such a procedure, make sure you check out sk:n first, fill in a simple form on their website and book a consultation at one of their many clinics nationwide.
 This was a sponsored post from Sk:n clincs.

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  1. I had the laser hair removal treatment from CosmeDocs clinic and it give wonderful results. Now I do not need to shave my underarms every other day and bikini area. If you are interested in having botox in harley street, then it is a must visit place.


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