Thursday, 23 May 2013

Decléor Presents First BB Cream

 Decléor is one of those super luxury brands that you'd expect to find in an expensive hotel bathroom. So for them to bring out a BB Cream, a staple of anybody's make up bag, the brand becomes much more accessible. With a modest price tag of £29, you're paying for quality with Decéor, let me tell you.

The formula is really silky and left my skin with a velvety soft texture. It's got a SPF 15 in there too, so you know that your skin is well protected from the sun.
BB Creams are the perfect way to start off your make up routine. I like to use it after applying a moisturiser, follow with your BB cream and then your foundation base. You can however, go for a lighter option and simply apply the BB cream all by itself. It's got a good enough coverage to hide your flaws but also not be heavy on your skin.

The Hydra Floral Multi-Protection BB Cream 24hr Moisture Activator (wow, what a mouthful!) is scented with Decléor's Hydra Floral fragrance, which speaks for itself... floral!
To add a touch of elegance to your cosmetic collection with Decléor!

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