Friday, 5 April 2013

Playtime With Urban Decay

Today was a good day. In the words of Nicki Minaj, it was truly a Pink Friday. I had a play around with some gorgeous new Urban Decay products and decided to go with a pink themed make up, something that I do not do very often! I tend to stick to black, grey or brown colours when doing my eye make up, but it was really nice to experiment with some colour for once.

First of all I applied Naked Skin Beauty Balm to a clean face. Beauty Balms make all the difference when applying your foundation, getting rid of any discolouration or bumps and generally offering you a much smoother base to apply on top of. The Urban Decay BB Cream smells delicious too...

After applying my foundation I then brushed on some of this Naked, Flushed kit. It contains a bronzer, highlighter and blush trio which is super handy to take out with you for touch ups. My brush is quite slim and slanted so it's great for just picking up what you want at a time, but you can quite literally sweep a bit of everything on and still look fabulous. 

This is a little tube of magic...Eyeshadow Primer Potion promises to ensure that your eyeshadow doesn't go anywhere throughout the day. It's a thick formula like many primers, which you simply dab onto your lids before you apply a shadow colour. It really makes the colours pop out more too which is great if you're using something with a faint pigment.

For my eyes I decied to use Grifter and Last Call from the Ammo kit. I blended the two on and above my lids and stopped just before my brow bone, to which I then applied a small amount of 'Sin' to highlight. I winged out the shape with more Last Call and then added the rest of my usual liner and mascara to finish the look.

For a little bit of girly glamour I even painted on a tiny amount of Lip Junkie in the prettiest of pinks.

 After all of that, there was only one thing left to do... Spray on some Urban Decay De-Slick setting spray. One of my favourite products in the world! This spray doesn't let you make up go anywhere, no matter how stressed out, hot or busy you get it's the perfect companion for a long day.

Here's the finished look, with some close ups of course... Just look at how well it stays on after 6 hours, I'm impressed! Get all of the products featured here at your Urban Decay counter or visit here.

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