Monday, 18 March 2013

Laura Mercier: Flawless Skin Collection

 How lucky was I this week when a perfectly wrapped parcel from Laura Mercier arrived on my doorstep! I knew what awaited me inside was a dream in skincare, so I headed straight to the bathroom basin and began my Flawless Skin adventure...

 Starting first with the Face Polish, I gave myself a good exfoliate. Using just a pea sized amount, massage the polish into your skin with your fingers, or use a facial exfoliating brush. This takes out all the rubbish your skin collects on a daily basis and removes dead skin cells so that your face will feel softer than a baby's bum.

Next I applied the Laura Mercier Repair Serum, a one way ticket to improving sun damaged, scarred and uneven skin. This serum has a clever way of enhancing the skin's natural elasticity. It has a real silky formula, so you can feel the luxurious ingredients really soaking into your skin.

 Step three would be to apply the Repair Eye Serum and Repair Eye Créme. The serum and cream combine to reveal healthier, brighter looking skin. The rich textured potion works by targeting dark circles, lines and wrinkles and smoothing them out to create a much more even and youthful skin tone.

 Last but not least is any skincare junkie's dream; Laura Mercier's Repair Créme. More hydrating and nourishing than any other facial cream I've ever used, this is sure to work wonders on any skin type.
As it's a very thick and rich formula, I tend to put quite a lot on, push it into my skin and leave it overnight for a really healthy looking complexion when I wake. After that I use my Laura Mercier Facial Primer as a smoothing base for my make up. Et voila! The perfect skincare regime!

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