Sunday, 3 February 2013

Re-Uz: Shop In Style

Have you ever felt a bit less cool with your Tesco carrier bags than you'd like to? They're not exactly on trend this season...If you fancy adding a bit of cool to carrying milk and bread around, then a Re-Uz bag is just for you! I love these quirky little carriers. They come in so many different styles and prints, but these new retro patterned ones are right up my street.

The bag itself comes in it's own little carrier, with a keyring attachment! Meaning you can attach it to the inside of your handbag instead of leaving it in the kitchen drawer and forgetting it's there, (let's face it, we all do that with Bag's For Life!) hey presto! Priced at £6.99 and available from Josoblu.

And look, it's not just me who likes it. Anything that gets Peanut's seal of approval is alright with me.

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