Saturday, 2 February 2013

MUA Nail Constellation

Nail Constellation is a brand new idea from the minds of MUA Makeup Academy. This 3D effect tool allows you to build up a pattern on your talons, inspired by the constellations in the night sky.
As you can see pictured above, (ignore my sore fingernails!) it's super effective! It really stands out and you get a ton of people asking where you got it done, as if it's professional job! The next best thing to the product itself is it's price. For the bottle which includes the applicator, you only pay £3. I've used this a bunch of times already and there's still so much left. 
As for longevity, it's not exactly the kind of product you want to apply just before you do the housework. The little beads do fall off if you're not careful with them, but I find that if you press them into the wet undercoat firmly when you're applying, they stay on a lot longer. Also, one last note, don't apply a top coat to keep them in place! The colour comes off the balls, so leave it!
Great for a night out, great conversation starter and a great price, I'm definitely going to keep using it!

See the full collection from MUA or buy now from Superdrug stores nationwide.

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