Sunday, 9 December 2012

Rituals Have Got It Nailed This Christmas

It's no secret that one of my favourite beauty brands it Rituals. I've adored their products since I was introduced to them by a friend during a brief stint in London. I began to realise that Rituals is all about you and your beauty regime. The brand wants to offer products that give you the chance to perform your very own rituals every day, in the form of cosmetics and personal care products.

I was very happy to receive a new addition to their make-up line, which is of course just a small part of what Rituals have to offer. (Their Yogi Flow shower foam is just delightful.) Their nail varnishes have been lovingly enriched with 100% pure gemstones to create a sparkly party on your fingers.
This shade, 'Sparkling Coral' really stands out and has caught people's attention this week whilst I've been wearing it!

Treat yourself this festive season with your own little Ritual. Nail Varnish £9.50 at

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