Thursday, 6 December 2012

Parissa Wax Strips: A New Way To Wax

 Parissa wax is one of the easiest ways to remove unwanted hair all over your body. I'll admit I've always had my doubts about waxing simply because of the pain factor! But when using Parissa for the first time, I've discovered that the finished look is well worth that little bit of a nip!
Their face & bikini and legs and body kits come with everything you need for silky smooth skin. Included in the booklet is a handy step by step guide to getting started:

The strips are so simple to use. Rubbing them together in your hands warms the wax which you then peel away from itself which gives you two strips in each application.
Then you simply apply to the desired area and smooth down so that everything's covered.

 When peeling back the strip, you must ensure that you pull the skin taut around the wax. Then in one swift movement, peel back the strip and brace yourself ever so slightly!

I then tried the Parissa hot wax kit, which was, to put it simply, amazing! This stuff is hardcore and is a little bit more painful than your average wax strip, but if you want perfect results and no hair growth for a while afterwards then this is for you.

You heat the little pan up on your hob until it reaches a honey type texture and remove from the heat.

You then spread it like jam onto the part of the body you wish to remove hair from. It's quite thick so make sure you spread it evenly and not messy like me...

To remove this wax, I pick at a little corner of the wax once it's gone to a tacky texture and then give it a good rip! It's amazing how easily it picks up even the shortest of hairs. I didn't post a results picture of this one because quite frankly it's not nice to look at, but trust me, this is the ultimate wax.

If you'd like to get hold of some Parissa wax for yourself or as a gift for one of your hairier friends, you can shop here now! 

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