Friday, 14 December 2012

4711: The Freshest Cologne Around

If you want a scent with a piece of History attached to it, then 4711 is for you. 
I was sent this product and of course the first thing I did was to have a sniff, as you do. I was surprised by it's light, citrus fragrance which left an extraordinarily pleasant aroma on my arm. After this, I did a bit of digging via the old internet and found out that, 4711 is not only one of the most famous scents ever to come out of Europe, it's also got it's own little story.  I love a good story.

In an article taken from DW.DE:
4711 was born in 1792, when a Carthusian monk gave the young merchant Wilhelm Mülhens the secret recipe for "aqua mirabilis" or "miracle water" as a wedding gift. 
Shortly thereafter, Mülhens set up a small factory in Cologne's Glockengasse 4711 and began production. This house number became the fragrance's trademark.
In the 18th century, it was marketed particularly for its medicinal qualities. It could slow a racing heartbeat when a few drops were taken internally, and relieve headaches when sniffed through the nose, the accompanying leaflet said.
But after a Napoleonic decree in 1810 demanded the exact recipe be divulged, 4711 manufacturers decided to give their product a new image and market it as "toilet water" for external use. This suited fragrance habits of the aspiring bourgeoisie -- using intense scents to conceal bodily odors. And the formula could remain secret.

4711, like all possessions of great history, has reinvented itself to keep in touch with the 21st century. 'Nouveau Cologne' has been marketed as a much more modern alternative to the fragrance that wafted through German train carriages in the 20th Century. It's a delightful scent, much more of a summery spritz for an afternoon tea than an aromatic flavour in a nightclub at New Year's.

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