Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Paddy Meets Mannequin: Dove Men + Care

 Paddy got chance to play with a new moisturiser from Dove last week, and being the kind person that he is, he offered to do me a nice review on Mannequin for you all to read!

Paddy used Dove Men + Care Moisturiser HYDRATE for the first time last week. Applying the cream led him to believe that it would be an impressive moisturiser, with it's thickness and scent it has all the qualities of a high end luxury product.

The packaging is modern and sleek, perfect housing for a Dove product and a pump-squirt action nozzle makes it easier to get just the right amount.
Paddy swears his skin is a million times softer than when using his previous brand (52p supermarket label) and whether men like admitting it or not, we all love baby soft skin.

The range is available for four different skin types: Hydrate, Sensitive, Revitalise and Deep Clean.
Paddy says he is definitely going to continue using the Dove Men + Care moisturiser and is now on the look out for the rest of the range. Hello easy Christmas presents!

Dove Men + Care is available from Boots priced at £8.99
It's not often that I get to feature men's grooming products on here, but I have been asked to do so in future, so it's definitely something we will be expanding into! Paddy is not officially Mannequin's grooming guinea pig.

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