Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Batiste! Pretty New Young Things

Batiste is back with some awesome new can designs! 'Urban and Edgy' Graffiti, 'Rich and Elegant' Paisley and one uniquely designed for red heads. The new designs are so cool so you can match them to your mood or indeed you outfit depending on how you're feeling!

Each design has that distinct Batiste scent, baby powder and flowers is probably how I'd describe it! Of course a lot of people moan that you're often left with a powdery residue after using the spray, you're obviously not doing it right! If you apply it too closely, you will get a white patch but all you need to do is to gently brush it through and you'll be left with super soft, non-greasy hair!

The can designed for red heads is awesome. To demonstrate how cool it is, I applied it to my (brunette) hair. You can see how vibrant it is and would blend in perfectly with the right colour hair.

Batiste is available from Boots in many different can designs and specific formulas for all hair types.

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