Thursday, 8 November 2012

A.K.A: Cosmetics Taken Back To Their Roots

 A nice surprise this week came in the form of an arrival from new brand on the block 'A.K.A.' The brand's highly polished, minimalist image really spoke to me, as much as I adore the cheeky, cartoon-style packaged products from the likes of Benefit, A.K.A is so fresh with it's sleek white products that it certainly caught my attention.

The real professional image given by the outer packaging is true to what the products bring on the inside. I played around with some of their collection and found that they're great, long lasting formulas with a high pigment and a bang on trend selection of colours.

The lip liner was a gorgeous shade, a vibrant magenta that really stands out. I've only ever used lip liner as a matte alternative to lip stick as I'm not really into lining my lips. This pencil is far too thick to be successful as a liner in my opinion but great as a lipstick nonetheless!

 The blush was a soft candy pink shade, which I don't normally use. I normally go for darker shades to really bring out the contours of my cheekbones, but this was a really nice change. It gave me a rosy, fresh faced look and I'll continue to use it. Although the brush that comes with it naturally isn't as useful as a 'proper' blush brush! (They never are!)

The eye liner was quite difficult to work with for me, because of it's long handle. I'm used to using a short handle to create a really dramatic line, but I think it's just one of those things that you get used to. It's really solid and stays on well, the pot is quite big too so it would last a long time.

 The lip stick looks quite transparent in this shade, although when applied it's quite the opposite. A strong pop of colour that really stays on. It's quite a matte texture with a nice slant for easy application.

 Now the gloss is really the magic product. Described as 'non sticky' on the box, I wasn't hoping for much as I'd been promised this before and let down. I quickly discovered that this one was fool proof. The formula is so unique, the texture is just like a gloss, thick and high shine, but as soon as it touches your lips and you smack them together; no stickiness. What more could you want! No more lipstick stains on wine glasses, hoorah!

Visit A.K.A's website here to browse their latest collection of wonderful products. Mannequin approved!

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