Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Twilight Works Magic At Lush This Halloween

Two magical products at Lush this Halloween are both identically and aptly named. Twilight marries day dreamy lavender notes and softer fruity ones that will send you into fairytale land. The bath ballistic has been around for some time now but the newbie is the shower gel variety.
In both Bath Ballistic and Show Gel forms, I had a go with these two...

Just look at those bubbles! Using the Twilight ballistic was so much fun, I thought it was just all pink until the bubbles starting foaming blue! It turns your bath a beautiful lilac shade and the smell is just incredible, it's so dreamy I could have fallen asleep.

After the ballistic had left a trail of sugary pink and baby blue, I turned to my new shower gel. Twilight shower gel looks as though it's a midnight purple colour in the bottle, when in fact it's a very fetching shade of violet! What also surprised me was the glitter! I LOVE glitter! Look at it all in the picture above, it was like I was bathing in the Cullen's water. There was so much of it I was surprised that it wasn't all stuck to me when I got out of the bath. With the same scent as the ballistic, using them both together got me all set for a sensual and relaxing evening.
Perfect for chilling out before you go out trick or treating!

 Twilight Bath Ballistic £3.20 & Twilight Shower Gel £4.25 for 100g.

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