Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Simple Truth: Care For Your Skin

I've always loved Simple products, they do exactly what they say on the pack and offer simplistic formulas without compromising on quality. They do this by not adding the usual crap to their products and focusing entirely on the end result. These new spot reducing cleansing pads do exactly that, no floral fragrances here, just a simple approach to good, clean skincare.

I usually would use these pads after a bath or shower, where I would like to think that I've taken all my make up off. I used one of these pads like this last night, and found that the below is what came off my skin! I was sure I'd taken all my make up off, but what we cannot see is when cosmetics and dirt enter our pores and bury themselves deep into our skin. These pads remove all this dirt which therefore prevents them from transforming into an ugly spot. Genius!

Next I had a bash on the facial wipes, to see how they came up against other big brands like Nivea and Johnson's which I've used.

I think it's safe to say that not all facial wipes are the same. I thought I was doing alright with my Asda own brand wipes until I tried these Simple wipes. I asked a few friends and they all agreed that they always use a moisturiser after using facial wipes. I asked them if they'd try using one of these Simple wipes and if they felt the need to moisturise afterwards, which it turns out they didn't. 
These wipes are fab and worth the extra 70p you'd pay for them compared to an own brand formula. They remove waterproof make up too which comes in really handy. Get yours from Boots today.

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