Saturday, 20 October 2012

Spirit Of The 90's: Lee Stafford Crimpers

Remember the 90's? Of course you do. Remember how COOL you looked when you first crimped all your hair for school that morning? Yes! But of course you didn't look cool, you looked like a lion with a frizzy mane because a) your mother thought it was adorable and b) you hadn't discovered Frizz-Ease yet. That's all changed now, thanks to Lee Stafford. A new generation of crimpers and a whole electrical range to go along with them have revolutionised the way we look at hair styling.
The trick with crimping is moderation; keep it simple. Don't try to recreate that look you saw at the GHD Hair Awards, unfortunately we aren't all supermodels and can carry off a catwalk look.
Simple crimping is the best way to create effect and dramatise an otherwise casual look.

Try crimping sections of your fringe, even if it's just one 1-inch strand from root to tip, like in the image above left. Or you could try crimping the underneaths of your hair, this works especially well if you have layers cut in as they just peek through.

The above image shows just how effective these crimpers are, not like those old Babyliss ones that look an hour to heat up and you held them onto your hair for 5 minutes before they did anything. These crimpers heat up super quickly and you only need to hold them to your hair for a second or two before it creates the desired effect. For a stronger crimp, just hold on longer.

You can buy these now from Argos RRP £49.99. SALE ALERT! Currently 1/3 off at only £33.29!

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