Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Rediscover The Luxuries: Avon Cosmetics Autumn 2012

Avon have got a stunning new range of cosmetics for this Autumn. Known for their expertise and having been round a rather long time, Avon have since perfected their formulas and offer an amazing selection of products that never let you down. A colour palette for anyone and everyone, Mannequin was offered to sample a few products from their latest range.

Avon Super Shock Mascara in Black
Here's me wearing no mascara, just eyeshadow and eyeliner, now watch what a difference the Avon SuperShock Mascara makes...

It lengthens my lashes to literally a 'shocking' extent, I guess that's why they named it such! You can now buy Avon's new version of this product, SuperShock MAX Waterproof mascara for just a tenner!


Both lipsticks have such intense colour, they go on so smooth and the formula is very moisturising and it contains jojoba and Vitamin E. They really are amazing and I recommend that you try one. The 'Pink Paparazzi' lipstick is part of the Brilliance range which means each lipstick has a subtle glitter to it, don't think of your cheap teenage glitter lipstick, this is super sophisticated and adds a gorgeous hint of glamour. 


So I ran out of space on my fingers thanks to an influx of nail related products being sent to me lately, but here's Avon's 'Tweed' on my tootsies, a lovely rich wine colour that is bang on trend for autumn.
Nailwear Pro+ is a great consistency that can be applied easily with a great thin brush and dries without a base coat in 60 seconds! Yes, I timed it. At the minute you can pick individual polishes up for just £3. Couldn't recommend these enough! 

If you would like to buy any of the products featured in this post today you can visit Avon's online store or go onto their website to find a representative in your area for a brochure.

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