Thursday, 11 October 2012

Benefit: How To Look The Best At Everything

In addition to Benefit's repertoire of gorgeous cosmetics is the 'How To Look The Best At Everything' kit. A girl's guide to perfecting your complexion via cosmetics is exactly what this magical box aims to do.  Inside is a selection of Benefit products that combined, work wonders on your skin and make you appear entirely flawless. Does it work? Well, Mannequin put it to the test...

The first thing you notice is when you open the kit is that comes with a handy little 'Tips & Tricks' booklet that opens out to reveal a sneaky little mirror behind it! It's got some great ideas on how to use the products to enhance their potential on your face!

Ok so here are the products, in my opinion it's a selection of Benefit's finest. My favourite products all in one handy kit. (Minus Dr. Feelgood, that stuff is magical!)

'The Porefessional' is a product I've raved about before here, but just to recap it's an incredible formula that smooths out any imperfections on your skin caused by large pores. It works great alongside a primer before you apply your foundation and creates a flawless base to work from.

Next up, 'Hello  Flawless Oxygen Wow!' foundationl Benefit's masterpiece when it comes to coverage. It feels like an oily foundation when you first apply, but it soon settles into your skin & becomes a matte finish which is long lasting and natural. Benefit's 'Tips & Tricks' guide suggests that you spread the foundation in upward strokes from your cheeks to avoid tell-tale make up lines.

'Boi-ing' is another great invention by the masterminds at Benefit. It's an industrial strength concealer that instantly diminishes any imperfections, especially around the eyes. It covers dark circles and redness around the eyes, again, great as a base for an eyeshadow. This kit includes two shades for you to mix and match as you wish to create your perfect shade.

Last but not least, 'Hello Flawless' compact powder, complete with miniature brush! The powder is so fine yet provides a beautiful velvety-soft finish to set all the hard work you've put into your face using the products before! An ideal encore from 'How To Look The Best At Everything.'

 Here's the finished product, a smooth, matte complexion thanks to my new best friend 'How To Look The Best At Everything.' This is definitely one for the Christmas list girlies.

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