Monday, 29 October 2012

A Match Made In Heaven From No.7

A new service from No.7 at Boots will revolutionise the way we buy our foundation, starting now. The brand has developed a way to ensure that every woman gets her perfect match and finds 'the one.'
They have managed to do this is by coming up with a nifty little device that scans your facial skin tone, saturation and colour by using eight coloured and one ultraviolet light. Technology aside, the device then picks a foundation colour for you without you lifting a finger to trial them on the back of your hand. How easy is that? I had a go in my local Boots store and it was a great experience. The assistant was so knowledgeable and once I was given my perfect shade, I could pick exactly which foundation I wanted to the colour in. There's already a great range at No.7, so I decided to go with 'Instant Radiance,' a medium coverage foundation for all skin types. Here's how it matched up...

I was so impressed with the match up service, my skin looked flawless with this colour and it blended into my neck perfectly, something that I know a lot of women have problems with. Definitely go and check it out for yourself, it's a totally free service, you just pay for the foundation and it's worth it.

Whilst I was at the No.7 counter discovering my dream foundation, a few other products caught my eye including their new 'Fanomenal Lashes' mascara. Promising a fuller and thicker lash, I was willing to give it a try.

The wand was an unusual shape so I was intrigued to see how it fared up to other mascaras I'd tried recently. 

Easy to apply and not too clumpy, Fanomenal Lashes is a great mascara ideal for a subtle look. It didn't really thicken my lashes as promised, but it gave them a nice length and a soft statement. I was really happy with both of these No.7 products, so I decided to have a play with the rest of my make up kit and my new fringe, what do you think?!

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