Sunday, 27 May 2012

A Weekend At The Seaside

Summer seems like it's finally here, so this weekend me, my fiancé and our friend went to Bridlington to make the most of the May sunshine. Eating vanilla ice cream on the beach and licking doughnut sugar from the corners of our mouth, spending far too much money on slot machines and finally winning a toy from the grabber machine were my personal highlights!
I went a little bit Instagram happy but here are a few snaps from our trip . . .

 Lilac candy stripe shorts from Topshop... My bumcheeks poke out of these.

 Fish makes you laugh apparently.

Me and the mister eating fish and chips on the pier, bootiful.

 A sideways picture of the amusements because I forgot to turn it round. 

 Me spending yet more money on slot machines.

 Paddy was extremely happy with his day, wiped out a few machines of their prizes. 

 Superb quality goods up for grabs.

 The three of us enjoying the sun in factor 30. Be safe kids.

 Unedited picture of the beach, how lovely does that look!

 Some really gross stuff that the sea left behind. 

 Me posing awkwardly as people waited to walk past during optimum photo time. 

 Joyous promenade times.

 A Dulux colour chart of a sky, I love British summertime.

 A fish, I liked this.

 Paddy and Chris took a nice heterosexual stroll on the beach to look for rocks together. 

 My Casper-white leg and beautiful new floral Zara shorts. 

Looking smug under a Sierra filter on the ride home. Wearing American Apparel hoodie.

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