Thursday, 19 April 2012

More Fashion Fun From Lanvin

If there's one designer who's becoming increasingly more popular with the people, it's Alber Elbaz. The Lanvin designer has such a playful attitude to fashion which comforts his followers. He doesn't take anything too seriously, adding a fun and lighthearted approach to his work, that's what makes his designs so free. A Lanvin woman isn't sat in the corner of a café peering into a Vogue, she's practically skipping down the street with a smile on her face and a Gaby on her arm.

These adorable little Lanvin dolls have been released as part of the Lanvin Petite collection in collaboration with the charity Dessine L'Espoir. The charity supports women in Swaziland living with HIV, with funds from the charity going towards help for the women and their families. The dolls are £200 each and come in four different designs. Despite the pretty hefty pricetag, the dolls would make a perfect gift for someone who admires fashion and wants to satisfy their inner child! I wouldn't waste these dolls on somebody who can't even say 'Lanvin' yet. Definitely a toy for grown ups.

Three styles are available from Net-A-Porter and all designs from the Lanvin website.

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