Monday, 9 April 2012

Mannequin Spring Summer 2012 Fashion Film

It's here! Our first ever fashion film for the Spring Summer 2012 season. Full fashion editorial to accompany the film coming soon. Let us know what you think!
A big thank you to the wonderful team that made this possible and of course thanks to Best Western Mount Pleasant Hotel.
 Film & Imagery by Andrew Farrington
Video Editing by Josie Marie Denton
Models: Tasmin Horvath & Katie Cooper
MUA: Penny Willcox
Styling Assistant: Jessica Reed
Photographic Assistant: Claire Williams


  1. I love it!! also love the choice of music!! xx

  2. Thanks so much! Glad you like it Tasha :)

  3. Penny Willcox16/04/2012, 18:36

    Hi Josie it's Pen (makeup) =) just seen this video, it looks fab! Do you mind if i get some take screengrabs of the makeup, for FB? X

  4. Hi Penny! Sorry I thought Andrew had passed it on to you! Of course yeah take whatever you need. Email me if you need anything else, my email address is in the contact section of this blog :)

  5. Penny Willcox16/04/2012, 19:14

    oh brill =) no i'd not seen this before, Thank you! X


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