Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Latest Hair Trends

I was debating with a few friends over the weekend, is the dip dye over yet? I came to the conclusion that not only is it certainly not over, it's becoming increasingly more popular and has now entered the 'mainstream' realm of trends. (As they all undoubtedly do!) People are embracing the trend and even with a quick Google, it's easy to see the fashionable extremes things have been taken to! Check out these amazing styles for inspiration:

Brighter Hues

Braids and plaits are making a big comeback this summer, keeping that sweet and innocent image that's in abundance on the catwalks. I have to admit I'm rubbish with hair, I've never managed to do anything fancy with mine except from the occasional back-comb so all of these images make me drool:

If these are too boring for you, how about adding a little something extra?

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  1. The girl with the red hair and blonde dip dye (Also wearing glasses) Do you know what brand she used and the names on the colours? Brilliant picture by the way...


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