Thursday, 26 April 2012

Giveaway-A-Day Day 3: Osis

OSiS is a haircare brand committed to providing you with styling aids that can transform your look. Create endless styles and play around with OSiS Style Shifters.
'Spray it, shape it, shift it – no look is off limits!'

Style Shifters is a new range that knows that the vibrant, creative folk such as the readers of this blog want to experiment with different looks and express themselves through personality. There are three different products up for grabs and you can win one! All you have to do is 'Like' us on Facebook, then leave a comment below stating your name, email address and which product you would like to win to suit your style! (Simply write: 1, 2 or 3) Here's the line up:

OSiS Style Shifters 1 – LIGHT CONTROL Extremely light texture offering flexible support for medium length or long hair. At support level 1 the pink Style Shifter even gives fine hair a light, structured finish that can be restyled as desired, anytime. The new polymer formula supports the hair’s natural movement adding volume and offering protection at the same time.

OSiS Style Shifters 2 – MEDIUM CONTROL Strong support and definition for short or medium-length hair without overburdening. Offering level 2 support, the neon green Style Shifter builds up incredible structure whilst maintaining the hair’s natural feel. The targeted formula gives additional volume if applied directly at the hairline.

OSiS Style Shifters 3 – STRONG CONTROL Offering extreme hold and structure, the blue support level 3 Style Shifter creates extremely defined but flexible looks with short to medium-length hair. Perfect for very expressive looks or relaxed surfer styles.

Giveaway will end tonight at 9pm! Get your entries in before then and the three lucky winners will be chosen at random and announced shortly afterwards! The winners will then be contacted by the email they have supplied. One winner will be chosen for each product.


  1. Linda Rumsey
    OSiS Style Shifters 2 please!

  2. #3! Thank you for the fun contest!

    cindy batchelor

  3. Emma Hickinson

  4. Nice giveaway!
    I'd choose #1 – Light Control please! It's the only one recommended for long hair, hehe.




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