Monday, 12 March 2012

Topshop Make Up: Sisters Of The New Moon

Topshop launched their new season cosmetics collection 'Sisters Of The New Moon' last month, which was met with praise from the beauty world. Topshop's make up has always pleasantly surprised people with it's quality packaging, promotion and most importantly, product. It has the brand name that says 'high street' but the formula that says 'designer'. I could quite easily banish some of my more luxuriously branded make up products in favour of a Topshop one any day.
This collection has some real beauties in it, check out the three products I tested this weekend:

The 'Lash Catcher' mascara goes on like a dream, a brush that holds plenty of the good stuff and evenly spreads out your lashes as it coats them to make them longer and more voluminous.

This liner has done me so proud. 'Magic Liner' has caught the attention of many a customer whilst I've been working on the cash desk lately, from memory I reckon I've sold about 6 just from people complimenting and asking what eyeliner I'm wearing. Granted, I wear it about as thick as Cleopatra but it certainly does get you noticed. One of the easiest liners I've ever applied.

'Lip Tint' in Crystal was pretty much the best name they could have come up with for this, just look at that sparkle! Wowza. Unfortunately, it doesn't come out like that on your skin which was a disappointment, but nonetheless it's a beautiful rosy pink shade that's just right for summer.

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