Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Batiste Cherry!

New Batiste Cherry is the best of the bunch. It smells so sweet and the bottle design is just so cute that it's now at the forefront of my dry shampoo shelf; yes I have a dry shampoo shelf.
Like all dry shampoo it is difficult to get away from that greying formula, it does produce a slight residue on the hair especially when you use it for the first time (don't forget to shake the can well!) but can easily be brushed out with a few strokes.

Results? You're left with super shiny, grease free hair that looks as though it's just been washed. Of course you could always take a bath, but for in times of need such as an impromptu night away from home or a festival, it's the perfect mate to take along with you. Buy now from Boots for just £2.99.

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