Thursday, 9 February 2012

Radox: A Spa Experience

Let the Spa come to you with Radox's latest bath time treat. Not everyone has the time or money to get to a professional spa these days, and considering how much we all could do with a full body massage sometimes, trust Radox to bring out a bunch of products that gives you the Spa experience at home. The products have all been blended with natural ingredients to create luxurious shower and bath creams, purifying body washes and exfoliating scrubs. 

Enrich - The exotic blend of coconut oil, hibiscus and frangipani flowers will leave your skin feeling pampered and completely nourished from top to toe. (This one smells the best!)

 Soothe - This bath soak contains fig and natural Neroli Oil to give you that real spa experience.

 Condition - A honey, milk and almond complex that makes your bath water and skin feel like silk.

 Purify - A refreshing yet caring combination of white clay and Lavandin oil.

After trying out each product individually, I decided to try them all together in once bath the other night, despite the conflicting scents, it was a surprisingly sensual experience! My skin felt super soft and the bath was full to the brim with bubbles! Just what I needed after a hard day's work!

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Radox Spa products are available from £2.20 RRP at all good chemists and selected supermarkets.

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