Thursday, 2 February 2012

Lush Valentines Treat: Sex Bomb

 Lush have gone all out with their amour-inspiring treats for Valentine's Day (14th Feb so you don't forget to send me a card), including this adorable little Love Bug Knot Wrap. You choose your favourite 'Ballistic' bath bomb and they wrap it in this cute little scarf that's got a picture of a love heart with a smiley face on. Twee lovers unite! The knot wrap will only cost you an extra £2.95 on top of what you were going to buy anyway so go that bit extra, after all; it's Valentine's Day.

I used 'Sex Bomb' bath Ballistic from Lush. Created with clary sage, jasmine and ylang ylang, blended into a classic musk base. As a vegetarian company, Lush don’t use real musk, 'because you have to kill a whole lot of musk deer to steal their musk oil.' So, to find a vegetarian alternative to this cruelty, we turn to a safe synthetic that smells identical. The bicarbonate in this ballistic helps the aphrodisiac oils linger on the skin, a perfect Valentine's Day treat.

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