Friday, 13 January 2012

Company Magazine's New Look!

The mid-January wage dive has hit me hard. I've had the loveliest holiday away in Center Parcs this week but that, combined with a communal early Christmas pay day has left my bank balance empty. For the journey home I found myself staring at the magazine racks in the Parc Store for what copy-light image-heavy mag my last £2 could buy me. Company's new look magazine stood out like a beacon of hope! The transformation from a glossy cover to a matte one certainly appeals to me for a start. I don't know why but there's something Oh-Comely and innocent about it. To top it off Alexa Chung's on the front (I'm certainly coming round to her slowly...) and it's a quid. Get February's new-look-special-price issue now, it's packed full of Spring/Summer '12 trends and all the celebrity gossip you can shake a stick at. You can subscribe now for a special price too.

Images above from FFG

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