Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Colour Couture

Colour Couture is the new brand on the block, with incredible quality, pigmented products at such a reasonable price, it's hard to say no to. The brand launched at this year's Britain's Next Top Model Live event, where it attracted a surge of beauty-savvy girls (and guys!) who have been fans ever since.
Colour Couture are the absolute leaders of the pack for quality versus price, when you consider the average nail polish from a Boots concession stand is roughly £4-£6, Colour Couture beat it hands down for £3. The mascara that I buy regularly (but not any more, we'll go into that later) costs about £10, Colour Couture's Volumising Mascara is a bargain £5, not only that but it comes in a huge tube and the brush is more than generous. You need to get this brand on your beauty radar.

The High Shine Lip Gloss is part of the Catwalk Collection form Colour Couture, it's a more concentrated version of the main collection, which has then been carefully designed to match this season's hottest colours and trends. The shade I used above was Coral and goes on a lovely sheer pink, it tastes like golden syrup, which is probably the reason I haven't got any left.

 I love a good primer too, so when I found this I was excited to see how it compared to others that I use routinely. Perfect Beauty Base is just £5 (again, I know!) and it's a dream, really. It's a soft paste that can be smoothed onto skin just before applying make up to give you a perfect complexion. It covers all red marks and blemishes effortlessly and can even be worn alone if you've got smooth skin.

The above picture shows my eyes after using Volumising Mascara, once. I mean one stroke of the brush on my lashes and this is the effect. No clumps, no lumps, just beautiful spaced out lashes. My lashes aren't already long, in fact they're stubby and sparse, but this mascara seems to really give me the lift and thickness that I need.

Other products in the Colour Couture collection that you need to add to your make up bag include:

Colour Couture are here at Clothes Show today and tomorrow, come and say hello to the lovely team and bag yourself a beauty bargain.

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