Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Shiseido Cosmetics

Shiseido is a relatively new brand on my radar, as far as I'm aware they're widely known for their skincare, but once I got my hands on their cosmetics, I was addicted!
Below is the Perfect Refining Foundation that comes in a sleek black bottle. It may sound silly, but the bottle is so compact and 'posh' looking, that it makes me feel quite special using it. The formula is thin, is easily smoothed onto skin and creates a perfect base with maximum coverage. The foundation comes in many shades so it's easy to match, especially for pale skin. It's also got an SPF15 in there too, not that we'll be needing that this winter! (I hear snow's on the way...) You can get your hands on this 30ml bottle for just £34 from

I was only going to briefly mention this Shimmering Eye Cream, but I feel that after a week or so of using it, it deserves a bit of better praise. I can't help but use this every day now, because as I may have mentioned before, I'm not fantastic at blending my eye shadows, it always looks blobby and untidy. But eye creams I've used in the past have creased up and annoyed the hell out of me, so I was at a loss, and stuck to using the same gold and black every day to keep myself happy. When I discovered Shimmering Eye Cream by Shiseido in Leather, I was really pleased. It's a glistening cream that you just sweep onto your lids with a finger and it blends incredibly well! I don't have any problems, just dab it with my finger until I get that perfect look. I'd recommend this to anybody, the shade I used here was called Leather and can be found here!

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