Thursday, 17 November 2011

Marc Jacobs's Spring Summer Collection Stolen

To add to the list of fashion scandals this year, tonight it was announced that Marc Jacobs's Spring Summer collection has been stolen. The collection was in transit from Paris ready for a press day in a Marc Jacobs's store tomorrow, when it became apparent that it had disappeared.
We must bear in mind that these are some of the most sought after sample garments of the moment, with editors already shooting their Spring Summer fashion stories. Having said that, these are only sample editions, which means there's no other designs around; these haven't been mass produced. So only a fool would dare to step foot outside in their new Marc Jacobs's wardrobe. Keep your eyes peeled fashionistas of the globe! If you spot anything suspicious, let Anna Wintour know, she probably won't sleep until they've been found.

Phong Luu of The Telegraph: 'If the fool is quaking at the prospect of a face-off with the police, he/she should be on knees praying there isn't a showdown with the editors; angry, they're far scarier than any man of law.'

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