Sunday, 27 November 2011

Luva Huva Eco-Friendly Underwear

Proving that green is the new black, eco-friendly lingerie specialists Luva Huva have released a collection of underwear made from soy. Soy is known as the 'vegetarian cashmere' and used in conjunction with other natural materials such as bamboo, hemp and organic cotton, it makes this unique collection kind to mother nature as well as appealing to the eyes.

A little more about soy...
 'Soy protein fiber fabric is extremely soft and warm to the touch. It breathes better than cotton and also has excellent absorbency, anti-bacterial and UV protection properties. Since soy fiber cannot withstand high temperatures, we blend it with organic cotton to increase its dyeing quality as well as its performance'

Luva Huva is designed by Joanne Ketterer, whose green ethics encourages her to think outside the box and create products that are made from sustainable fabrics and encourage thoughtful consumerism.  Joanna's inspiration for this collection came from the Suffolk countryside she grew up in. She uses pastel shades in the underwear and nightwear which are laced with girly frills and bows. The lingerie aspect has a wide range of garments, including briefs, boxers, bloomers, babydolls, camisoles and lounge pants.

The whole collection is made in the UK, which is one of my favourite parts about the brand, they even source from one of the last standing UK elastic makers in their designs.
If you look closely at the images, you will be able to almost feel how snuggly soft and breathable these fabrics are, and they also have enormous environmental advantages. Hemp and Bamboo do not require herbicides or pesticides to grow, and all of the organic cotton used is fully certified and its source, together with natural fabrics is fully traceable for each garment produced.

Don't be afraid to try something new; check out Luva Huva today and do your bit for the world.

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