Tuesday, 8 November 2011

E.L.F Beauty

 E.L.F products are storming the beauty scene. Simple, effective cosmetics that come in an on trend colour palette and luxurious formulas, without the hefty price tag. I've dedicated this post to two of my favourite products out at the minute. E.L.F's Studio Conditioning Lip Balm which contains SPF 15, not that we'll be needing that in these bitter months, but it's good to have! It's tinted ever so slightly to give you a sheer hint of colour, my favourite is 'peaceful pink' because I don't have any pretty pink balms, so I thought this would be a welcome addition to my collection. It's very softening and doesn't feel sticky, great for topping up colour and conditioning throughout the day.

The next product is a wonder. E.L.F's Studio line has brought out a miracle make-up fixer. Makeup Mist And Set is simply for when you've got your face on, spray once or twice over everything and it will stay put. And when I say stay put, I mean it. It really will not budge. I've heard horror stories about Essex girls putting hairspray on their face so their makeup doesn't come off, but this is a much better (and safer) option! Just one thing, make sure you've got your eyes closed or it stings like hell!

The second best thing about E.L.F apart from their products is their price. 
Both products I've mentioned here are £3.50 and are brilliant. It'd be rude not to.

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