Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Decadorn Jewellery

This season there's a new, natural inspired jewellery brand on the scene, Decadorn. Utilising the best of what Mother Nature gave us, Decadorn work with semi-precious stones such as Amethyst and Agate to create beautiful and original pieces for any occasion. Decadorn's focus is on unique designs made from rare or found items, searching the globe collecting materials to make up their one of a kind jewellery.

Colour in the collection stems from the natural elements of the stones, ranging from Pale Amethyst Frost to Deep Midnight. Glossy Carbon Black with Gunmetal and Silver tones, whilst hand dyed leathers come in dusty Grey, Truffle and Rose shades.

Decadorn's pendants and rings are individually hand carved, then polished which exposes the natural beauty of the crystal. 'The collection is a bohemian combination of semi precious gems and natural crystals, complimented by hand dyed leather bracelets and 18ct gold & silver plating.'

The Agate style ring is adjustable- making it a perfect gift for Christmas. Amethyst is the main focus of the pendant collection, combined with natural geodes and hand cut raw Quartz crystal.

The thing about having natural stones as pendants is that they create interest and intrigue when worn. My mum is a huge fan of crystal jewellery and everyone stop to compliment on her moonstone earrings which shine more than any piece of cheap metal costume jewellery from the high street.

'The ethos of Decadorn is one of originality, inspiration & affordability.'
Elements of the collection are available in the boutiques Anthroplogie (UK) & Found Store (Bath). Shop online now at

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