Thursday, 10 November 2011

Bath Time With Mannequin

This week I tried some new products that have been released by Soap and Glory, one of my favourite beauty brands. Soap and Glory have that retro-chic theme going on in their packaging, something that sings glamour and femininity from the shelf. Three products I tried from their 'new arrivals' were Foam Call, Pulp Friction and Butter Yourself, along with a gorgeous scrub from Good Things. 

Foam Call is the latest body wash by Soap & Glory. Scented with their new Fruitigo™ fragrance, it has peppermint essential oils, grapeseed, fruitliquid fig and orange waterjuice™. It's such a strange formula, it squeezes out like a foam, but instantly transforms into a gel that creates so many bubbles, all you need is 2-3 squirts for your entire body to be squeaky clean. You also get a whopping 500ml for £6 which will last ages.

Pulp Friction is the greatest scrub of them all. It's also scented with the Fruitigo™ fragrance which is very refreshing. The best thing about this scrub is that it's got big beads as well as micro ones for exfoliating, you simply squeeze out a small amount and move it around in circular motions. It works best on areas like heels, elbows and feet to remove dry and dead skin and it's £8 for 250ml. 

This gorgeous pot of Butter Yourself from Soap & Glory is another product scented with their Fruitigo™ fragrance. If used with the other two products, you can still smell it hours after your bath!
It's a super rich formula that sinks in well and doesn't leave you feeling syrupy or sticking to your dressing gown! You get loads in the tub too, 300ml for £10!

 Good Things Ultra Rich Creamy Body Scrub is a gorgeous scented scrub with natural superfruit extracts. The Superfruit Beauty Boosters include pomegranate, red grape and cranberry seeds. 'Dry skin needs exfoliating with care. Our dreamy-creamy scrub with its rich fragrance of pomegranate and juicy red grape will do the job brilliantly, keeping your skin soft at the same time. Smooth micro-beads and cranberry seeds work to lift away dead skin cells while the gentle formula helps to keep skin smooth and silky soft.' The genius' behind Good Things also recommend applying the formula to dry skin, then getting in the shower to wash it off to give a deeper exfoliation! £4.99 available at Boots stores nationwide, see the rest of their range here.


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