Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Rick Genest: The Power Of Dermablend

If you've seen the Born This Way video by Lady Gaga, you'll be familiar with the zombie faced Rick Genest, who has had his entire face and body covered in tattoos to resemble the undead. This short yet fascinating campaign film from Dermablend goes to the extreme to prove how powerful it's concealer is.
A team of three make up artists set to work on Rick's face and torso using a total of four tubes of Dermablend's Leg & Body Cover, to prove that their products will cover just about anything, including a face full of tattoos. The product has proved it's worth right here in this video, and it's said to work wonders on things like scars, moles and imperfections all over the body. See for yourself...

Get yourself some serious concealer, or go behind the scenes here.

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