Sunday, 16 October 2011

Mac Viva Glam: Lady Gaga & Nicola Formichetti

A short film featuring Lady Gaga and her little monsters appeared on the Viva Glam website last Thursday in support of the Viva Glam campaign. If you don't already know, Viva Glam by Mac supports social awareness of HIV/AIDS and offers help to people affected by the disease on a global scale. Lady Gaga has been the face of Viva Glam since 2009 and has since raised a total of $55 million for the Mac Aids Fund.

This new film features Lady Gaga wearing 'The Masterpiece' as designed by her stylist and Thierry Mugler designer, Nicola Formichetti. The piece was a one of a kind by Formichetti, designed especially for this campaign and video.

Lady Gaga set herself a target of $250 million for the Mac Aids Fund, and she's urging every one of her little monsters to go out and buy a lipstick for their girlfriend, boyfriend, mother or sister. If you'd like to help this brilliant charity, go to Viva Glam now and buy one of their gorgeous lipsticks!

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