Friday, 9 September 2011

Winter Treats From Lush

With winter coming up it's always a good idea to look after your lips. I swear by Lush products for taking care of delicate places like your pout, because natural ingredients are bound to be better for sensitive areas. If your lips tend to get chapped and dry during the colder months, try my fool-proof regime to keep them feeling plump and smooth.

I like to give my lips a good scrub with Mint Julips £4.95 whilst in the bath. I do it whilst I'm in the bath because otherwise it just goes all down your chin and you end up eating half of it because it tastes so damn yummy. Put a small amount on the end of your finger and move it around in circular motions on your lips, this will ensure any dead skin is removed. Don't be too vigorous though otherwise you'll make it sore!

 I like to finish off my little lip pampering by adding this sweet vanilla and honey scented lip balm, Honey Trap £5.25. Again it's all natural (of course, it's Lush!) so there's nothing bad for your smackers. It's non greasy, but I must warn you, you may find yourself running out quickly because again, you'll want to eat most of it.

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