Sunday, 11 September 2011

Who's Laughing Now Jessie?

I first saw Jessie J at Britain's Next Top Model Live last year at London's Excel Center. All I remember was that I didn't have a clue who she was, but man was she loud! She only sang one song, so it wasn't apparent how good she really was, never mind that she was about to shoot to global stardom just weeks after that event. Now she's one of the UK's hottest female solo artists, and she's got the fashion sense to go with it. In her new video 'Who's Laughing Now', Jessie found herself styled by the amazing Anna Trevelyan, who has been featured in the likes of Dazed & Confused, Untitled and Nylon Japan, as well as styling the world's most infamous fashionista, Lady Gaga.
Anna has done yet another fabulous job on Jessie's new video, set in a school and mimicking Jessie's 'earlier years' when she was bullied (the song and lyrics are based on unfortunate real life events,) and how she overcame them.

Bubblegum pink clad girls play the 'bullies', complete with Dame Edna style glasses, pristine hair cuts and outfits Barbie could only dream about. Mini Jessie has her same iconic hair cut, a chic black bob and a quirky sense of dress that probably would get you noticed at school. Jessie first appears as the teacher, far more interested in her make-up than her pupils. Anna styled Jessie in a gorgeous multicolour checked blazer with shirt and tie combo, slicked back hair in a ponytail and more quirky Dame Edna glasses. She then appears as herself in a skin tight nude dress, with huge black polka dots down each arm and a tasty shade of raspberry lipstick. Next she appears as a caretaker character, in denim overalls and button badges, with a noticeably bare face! If you've ever wondered what Jessie looks like without a face full of make-up, now you'll know! The last character Jessie embodies is the 'dinner lady', Anna styled this look so brilliantly, it reflect her personal love for all things Harajuku and kitsch, with pink watches and jewellery, mixing vibrant colours and an added touch of blue bubblegum.

Watch now:

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