Friday, 2 September 2011

Vintage Revival

It's very rare that I'm able to write a post that involves something local to me, as the town I live in has the collective fashion sense of Kerry Katona. Now there's a new kid on the block, Revival Vintage. It's based on Scot Lane in Doncaster and is constantly stocked to the nines with retro fancy pieces.
The inside is like taking a time machine back to the 1960's, 70's and 80's, depending on which area of the shop you find yourself to be in! Vintage lampshades litter the ceiling and that 'Marmite' smell of mothballs fills the room. The ceilings are sky high and an airy, clean space makes the perfect setting for a spot of shopping. If they served tea and biscuits in there I don't think I'd ever leave...
Last week I did a little bit of promotional modelling for the boutique, and managed to snatch away Revival's owner Katrina, for a quick chat...

Katrina began her journey back at university, always enjoying fashion she used to frequent the hilly streets of Sheffield and it's plethora of vintage stores and boutiques. 'My friends used to laugh at me and saying that my clothes smell, but I loved them so much I didn't care!' She soon realised that her hometown of Doncaster didn't have anything even remotely similar to the retail options that were available in Sheffield. We've only ever had high street, or luxury, high end stores to choose from, unless you wandered into the charity shops, in which case you'd only find some overused Kappa track suit and a pair of holey trainers. After her degree, Katrina decided that she was going to do something about this, she found her way into one of the less dodgy charity shops and asked if she could set up a vintage section in the store, selling reworked and retro pieces, they kindly agreed and Katrina could get to work showing off what she was best at. She merchandised the space to look just like she visioned it, complete with trinkets and twee added touches.

Katrina soon noticed that there was a large empty retail space above a local menswear store, and inquired about renting it. Quicker than you can say 'Bridget Bardot' she set to work designing the interior. This space soon became Revival Vintage, the home of vintage shopping in Doncaster. 'So many vintage shops are using eBay and online outlets to sell their clothes, I wanted to create an experience.' So that's exactly what she did.

A few of the shots from the promo shoot we worked on are below, these are unedited but I was so keen to share them with you that the photographer was kind enough to let me use them!
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  1. Love this! That's my lil sis! :) Great shots btw

  2. Went in here today . Amazing ! I was in heaven ! Your right about the Katona fashion ... although luckily we don't all follow that 'fashion' .

    Brilliant blog .. Gorgeous photos ! Can't wait until my b'day in January .... I'm making my bf spend lots of pennies in there of me ;) X

  3. Oh my god, I REALLY want to go in there! NOW! *o*

  4. Where's Scot Lane?? I live in Doncaster, and yep, totally Katona fashion.. ugh!! Terrible!! Mini Jordan's everywhere!!
    This sounds amazing, can't wait to see it for myself!

  5. Hey Tiff! Scot Lane is the one that branches off the high street, just after Natwest Bank there's a road opposite the mansion house and that's the one. Look for Revolver clothing and it's upstairs! x

  6. Ooh thank you for letting me know!! Shall definitely be looking for it next time I'm in town!! Can't wait! :) xx


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