Friday, 23 September 2011

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'A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing,' the title of Meadham Kirchoff's SS12 show like no other. Twitter was buzzing with comments live from the front row. "Everyone is smiling, laughing. Incredible show like nothing else." "Just experienced best show ever at Meadham Kirchoff."
Let's get one thing straight, the fashion pack love an extravagant show, it separates them from the rest and that's just what Meadham Kirchoff did this season. Ed Meadham and Ben Kirchhoff are renowned for their rebellious approach to design, with collections previously emanating an underlying Gothic glow.
As the lights lit up so did the faces of the front row, each caricature entering the children's party themed runway.  Models appeared in checked pinafores, ballerina style dresses and cartoon appliqué adorned jumpers. Beneath each pastel balloon archway soon swarmed an army of candyfloss-haired beauties, each outfit more outrageous than the last.

Make-up ranged from vibrant blue eyes with raunchy red brows to ice blue coloured lipstick or a siren scarlet red, this is how wrong became so right.
Sculpted skirts were seen (a la Alexander McQueen,) in rounded, bell shapes which were laced in tiers, clearly representative of a cake; and who doesn't love cake?
Jumpers were among the more wearable pieces, featuring 'cartoony' images that wouldn't look out of place at a four year old's birthday party.

Knee high socks in a rainbow of colour added to the school playground style image, with fun accessories such as yellow sunglasses with tinted lenses and cute little lace gloves with frills.
Bows, heart shaped pockets, frills, fluff and feather, all part of the extravagant spectacle that is the upcoming season from Meadham Kirchoff. This show will forever be remembered as the one that made Anna Wintour smile.

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