Wednesday, 17 August 2011

You & I: Lady Gaga

The pornographic version of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. That's what I'm hailing the new Gaga video.
After being leaked two days early, (Gaga wanted the video link to be her 1000th tweet, but after it's early leakage, she was on 996, and instead tweeted 'Fuck', 'Thurs', 'Day', with the final 1000th tweet a link to the video.) You & I, the fourth track from the Born This Way album, is all the internet can talk about right now.
Countless reincarnations feature in the video, including Jo Calderone, Lady Gaga's male alter ego. Jo Calderone has previously featured on the cover of Vogue Japan, shot by Nick Knight. (Pictured right.)
There's so much going off in this video and it's so typically Gaga. A mermaid creation who she has named 'Yuyi' appears in a bathtub with nothing more than a bit of prosthetic covering her nipples, while a naked man with only a piece of white cloth covering his arse crack straddles her.

An admittedly freaky incarnation of Gaga is sat playing the piano in the middle of a floodlit cornfield at night (above), while Jo Calderone smokes a cigar and drinks a bottle of ale on the hood of it. The thing that freaks me out about this scene in the video is the fact that she has seemingly nothing to hide behind. Long, straight hair without a fringe, plain make-up, not in inch of black in sight. That and the fact that she's smiling, eerie. A virginal look is entirely new for Gaga, she wears a thin pale dress and looks so innocent; whilst snogging a Danny Zuko lookalike.
I'll just leave this photo here and possibly ruin the video for you...

The fashion in the video is nothing less than incredible, but what else do you expect? I'm a relentless Gaga fan and probably always will be. The most exciting thing for me is when I hear a new video is coming out, because literally nobody knows what to expect, she never disappoints. The look pictured above is more like the regular Gaga we're used to seeing, laced in noir, with the odd accessory here and there, including whatever that is on her chin. 

A typically 'McQueen' style piece here, who knows, it could just be. Gaga seems to be tied down to some sort of board and is being fed various concoctions by a man with no t-shirt on. Normal. Either way she looks incredible, and the headpiece in this is amazing. Not quite sure what's going on though.

This has to be by far my favourite scene. The old, 'get your kit off in the barn' scene. No modern music video is complete without it, except we've got Gaga and bondage, it's different. It's better. It's hot. Not to mention the turquoise barnet.

Here's some more of my favourite stills in the video...

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