Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Myface Cosmetics: Concealed

Myface.cosmetics claim to be comparable to having your own personal make up artist right in your make up bag, a bold claim if ever there was one! But when you consider that this is a brand that launched miracle products such as Frizz-Ease and Sheer Blonde, the transferable skills from haircare to beauty make this a highly attainable goal.
Myface.cosmetics takes it's name inspiration from a popular social networking site, allowing the digital age to leak into the realm of beauty products. The creators have developed a refreshingly modern brand that mimics the 21st century's appetite for electronics and gadgets, which is mirrored heavily in their packaging with sleek and user-friendly designs.
According to consumers, one of the most frustrating things about buying make up is deciding what colour will suit them best. Myface.cosmetics makes the critical connection between skin tones and colour selection. The mistake many people make when choosing a foundation colour is that they select a shade they like, or one that they think is their skin tone, when in reality it doesn't match up.
Women are overwhelmed by the massive selection of products offered by retailers, and end up wasting time and money on colours that do not suit there skin tones. In an effort to end this frustration and bring professional ’access’ straight to the consumer, the creators have handpicked each shade in the range to work with a specific skin type 'FAIR, MEDIUM and MED/DARK.'
Myface.cosmetics is the first make-up line to be completely organised according to skin tone categories. This refreshingly prescriptive approach is being heralded as “a blinding glimpse of the obvious,” yet it’s never been done before!

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