Friday, 12 August 2011

Cuddly Knits

The best thing about autumn/winter for me is the knitwear. Firstly this coming season, we will undoubtedly see a strong sense of colour, carrying through from summer. This is already beginning to filter through into our beloved high street stores with personal winners being River Island.
After that we will most likely see the autumnal colour palette leaking through, with beige, royal purple and ruby jewel shades in an array of designs from cashmere to coats.
Then as we edge closer to the dreaded 'C' word, (Christmas, shh...) the fair isle knitting patterns and garish Rudolph emblems will be upon us like a tonne of snow.
We can relax for now though, it's only August of course, so lets enjoy what the high street has to offer us in preparation for stocking up our winter wardrobes...

Graphic, Art Deco inspired prints are big for autumn. This Chevron knitted jumper nails it.
Topshop £38

This jumper is reminiscent of House Of Holland circa 2010... Although with up-to-the-minute sequins added, they've brought this right up to speed.

Thanks to celebrity patrons such as twee queen Alexa Chung, the peter pan style collar has made an long overdue comeback. You can get the look without a shirt in this contrast jumper.

Brights are back, and this zesty orange is perfect to colour block with.
River Island £35

This classy cream cable knit jumper has intricate chain-like detailing across the chest and arms, a touch of delicacy to an armour like structure.
River Island £35

I'm a sucker for polo necks, or turtle necks for the Americans! This mustard colour is amongst a jewel filled palette for autumn.
River Island £22

A cherry red number is a staple piece for everyone's wardrobe. This oversized knit is comfortable and stylish, with fine detailing.
Zara £35.99

This style of knit always makes me want to make a cup of tea and sit in a log cabin. I just like it.
Zara £25.99

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