Friday, 22 July 2011

Weleda: A New Kind Of Fresh

Well, I never.
This is one of those rare times where I've actually come across a product that has blown me away. Something completely different and something that is so innovative is just what the beauty market thrives on. Weleda have created a citrus deodorant that is made from organic materials and natural essential oils that is a far cry away from your usual aerosol.
Weleda Citrus Deodorant is a pump action spray instead of nasty aerosols which harm the environment. Tangy essential oils of lemon and sweet orange create a refreshingly light summer scent that counteracts unpleasant body odours without inhibiting the important functions of the skin.
Weleda deodorants can also be used on the feet to refresh and revitalise - especially good in the summer months. They can even be used to freshen the car or any room. The product is even suitable for vegans.
It is free of antiperspirants such as Aluminium Salts so that it does not disturb the natural functions of the skin.
I've used this product in place of my old aerosol deodorant and lasts much longer without a sticky underarm feeling. It's truly a great product and I would sincerely recommend it!

Price: £4.50, 30ml. / £7.95, 100ml.
Weleda is available from independent health stores, Waitrose and pharmacies.

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