Thursday, 28 July 2011

Topshop: Oh The Cheek!

Who doesn't love a bit of shimmer when the sun's shining? Slick a bit on the right places and you've instantly got a touch of glamour that your matte friends are lacking. I like to apply it to my shoulders and collar bones before I go out and it just makes me feel that much more dressed up.
Topshop have launched yet another miracle product that allows you to create this glamorous glisten to your face, and rivals even the biggest named brands such as 'High Beam' by Benefit.
'Cheeks' by Topshop Make Up in Prism is £10 and comes in a useful chunky stick for maximum coverage on face and body. You can apply the Cheeks stick anywhere you like, but on prominent bones such as cheekbones, eyebrow arches and noses it looks super glam.
Cheeks is also available in Luminescence (a rosy pink) and Ray (a golden bronze) so you can alter which shade you use to how your make up looks, it's also easier to match to different skin tones.
I also used Cheeks on my lips, it creates a lovely opalescent shimmer which you can use over or underneath a lip gloss or colour.

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