Friday, 22 July 2011

Radox: Clean +

Hand sanitiser is a staple part of my handbag collection. I'm yet to do a 'what's in my handbag' post but if I did, you wouldn't be surprised to know that it's mainly beauty products! In the back pouch of my bag, I always carry two things, a hand sanitiser and a hand cream. After all, you've got to look after your pinkies!
Hand sanitiser is a great thing to have to hand if you're prone to getting messy (like me) when you're out and about. I often find that my hands feel grubby and there isn't a bathroom around to wash them, so when you've got a little bottle of clean in your bag, problem solved.
Radox have over 100 years experience in sourcing and blending herbs and minerals, and are known for their deliciously scented bath and shower products, so it was no surprise that they were to bring out an equally fragrant antibacterial hand sanitiser.
Three different scents have been released and each one does it's own job.

Clean + Protect contains tea tree oil and thyme.
Clean + Moisturise contains gentle chamomile and jojoba.
Clean + Refresh contains zingy lime and coriander.

I've been using Clean + Moisturise as my hands tend to become dry throughout the day, as soon as I've applied the gel my hands feel instantly refreshed and I have the confidence that they're clean. These are available now from all leading supermarkets and pharmacies and chemists, priced at £1.29.

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