Thursday, 23 June 2011

Perfect Coverage

I have to apologise for my lack of posts recently, I've had some personal issues and so Mannequin took a back seat! Although now I'm back and ready to go. Here's a post I've been excited about doing for a while now. I've been seeking the perfect summer complexion, something light, but something that gives you a flawless coverage nonetheless.
I've ended up with a handful of products which I favour, ones that actually work and do exactly what they say on the tin. If you're after a perfect complexion this summer, (and one that won't melt away in the sun) then these are the products for you.
First up we have Nars Pore Refining Primer. Now all of Nars' primers are incredible, but this one really does it's job. My pores seem as if they have disappeared when I use this, and so I'm bump free and my foundation has got an easy job after this. 
 The second product I found after much deliberation, was this Flawless Finish Sponge On Cream Make Up by Elizabeth Arden. It's a brand I'd never tried for foundation before, but the product itself is mind blowing! I've travelled far and wide for the perfect foundation and I've never come across one so perfectly suited to my skin. The sponge provides an effortless application and allows you to spread foundation more evenly and in hard to reach areas such as eye sockets and around the nose. It's not too thick and the best part is, it stays put. I've had wear out of it for longer than 15 hours before. 

If you're after that perfect summer glow, then you need a highlighter, there's no question about it. You want your best bits to stand out, and if you haven't got high cheekbones, a perfect nose and a gorgeous cupid's bow, (which I doubt many of us have!) then you need something to fake it. The highlighter of all highlighters is High Beam by Benefit. This little bottle of satin pink love will keep you gorgeous throughout summer and beyond.  I put three small dots above my cheekbones, a small dot on my cupid's bow and a line down my nose, then blend. Make sure it's blended in well and doesn't look obvious, you just want it to catch the light, and people's attention. 

To finish this look you need a setting powder. I tried many different powders and the one that stood out the most was Powder Foundation in Nude 1 by Topshop Make Up. New to the market, Topshop Make Up is taking over the cosmetic world, their products are made with such precision that they rival some of the most established beauty brands out there. This powder can be used with a sponge to cover your face as a foundation, or used with a brush for a light and silky finish. 
 The brush I use to apply both my powder and blush is this Short Handle Powder Brush by Japonesque. Their brushes are so soft and provide a subtle yet sufficient amount of product to your complexion. Their bristles don't fall out either!
I am wearing Lime Green Nail Polish by Sinful Colours.

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